Variegated Soap Dish 1


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  • Image of Variegated Soap Dish 1

About Variegated Collection:

This collected began with a lot of sketches inspired by variegated ficus leaves and became more and more abstract as they developed. By abstracting these visual forms is you can find different ways of relating to them.

This piece is a soap dishes ideal for bathroom decor. It will keep soap lifted off the surface to ensure that it lasts longer and dries out between uses. This soap dish is elevated off the surface it is sitting on.

Approximate Measurements

Length: 12cm
Width: 8cm

This soap dish is handbuilt and may have slight imperfections due to the process of ceramics and handbuilding. Glaze colours may vary from photograph.

• Stoneware

• Color: Red, Pink and Blue under glaze with clear glaze and unglazed bottom

• Hand Built

• Dishwasher safe or ideally hand-wash with soap & water to clean

• 100% handmade in Melbourne, Australia

Image of Constructed Soap Dish
Constructed Soap Dish
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