Kirby Sens


In 2015 I hand built a quirky lopsided form resembling a teapot. During my Bachelor of Fine art at the Victorian College of the arts Art for Arts sake was not really the done thing. I wanted it to align to my practice as a printmaker but at that time those two fields were not ready to connect for me. Through exploration of memory and space I explored a range of different mediums and left the clay in the cupboard. Fast forward to 2018 and my practice had been missing for some time. I had been focused on my students practice as a high school artist / teacher and was swept up in a mountain of curriculum and finding a work / life balance. 

I undertook an introduction to wheel throwing course at Northcote Pottery Supplies which eventually led me down a rabbit hole of underglaze, wax resist, hand building and throwing form after form. I purchased a wheel and my artist practice was reinvigorated for the joy of creating functional vessels that challenged me and the ways I could manipulate materials. With a love of experimentation I am constantly making with desire to bring connection to people and functional objects. 

‚ÄčKirby Sens