Kiln Goddess 4

$75.00 AUD

  • Image of Kiln Goddess 4
  • Image of Kiln Goddess 4
  • Image of Kiln Goddess 4
  • Image of Kiln Goddess 4
  • Image of Kiln Goddess 4

Ceramicists often say "Pray that the Kiln gods be kind" prior to a firing.

These Kiln Goddesses are said to watch over your wares as they are fired in the kiln, temperatures that reach over 1000°C, clay in its muddy malleable form definitely needs some luck on it's side.

Each goddess is hand made and unapologetically imperfect. Layered with underglaze and detailed with Gold Lustre.

Gold lustre is as close as you can get to alchemy, with the kiln temperatures turning liquid from a tiny bottle into a flash of gold. Each Kiln Goddess has a vase head, this can be used as a bud vase for the most petite of blooms, a single daisy or another flower with a small stem.

This goddess can be used to enhance a space and perhaps you can give her something to watch over that she can protect for you. Due to its sculptural nature, whether it is empty or full of blooms it will surely brighten up any space.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height = 12.5cm

• Stoneware

• Color: Brown underglaze with clear glaze and unglazed base & Gold Lustre Detail.

• Hand Made

• Do not Microwave Her - (Lustre is Metal), Ideally hand wash.

• 100% handmade in Melbourne, Australia

• Due to the nature of ceramics and being hand made pieces there may be some slight imperfections.